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At the criminal defense law firm of The Gailor Law Offices, PLLC, we believe that good kids can get off to a bad start toward adulthood if they don’t get the protection they need when they are in trouble with the law. As juvenile law attorneys, we see kids everyday who made mistakes and are now in danger of being tagged by the juvenile legal system as youthful offenders by being convicted of crimes.

Our attorneys are committed to helping the youth of Louisville get the aggressive defense they need when they are faced with criminal charges. We never let the juvenile law system forget that youths have rights too.

If you have a youth in your family who is facing a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge in the juvenile justice system, get the aggressive defense you need. Contact the juvenile offenses attorneys of The Gailor Law Offices, PLLC, to talk to us about our services for kids caught in the juvenile justice system.

Juvenile Justice Representation

A special note to custodial relatives and foster care providers:

In addition to juvenile criminal defense law, we also represent clients who face custody revocation and foster care license revocation action in the juvenile administrative law courts.


If you have a minor-aged youth age 5 – 17 who faces criminal charges in the Kentucky juvenile justice system, contact the juvenile offenses attorneys of The Gailor Law Offices, PLLC, today at 502-584-7217.

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