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Negotiation of the criminal justice system requires a sophisticated understanding of criminal law and procedure. Under U.S. and Kentucky constitutional law, prosecutors must follow the procedural law very closely in order to legitimately convict you of a crime. The criminal defense lawyers of The Gailor Law Offices, PLLC, have been protecting the rights of adults and teenagers in Louisville and throughout Kentucky since 1964. When we take on your case, our criminal defense attorneys represent you rigorously and protect your rights at every step of the process

We analyze your case fully— from the initial arrest and charge, to police procedures, to the prosecutor’s tactics. We aggressively defend all of your constitutional rights. We take the time to fully explain the charges against you and clearly lay out all of your options. You will usually have the option to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor or go to trial. We keep you informed of every procedure, motion, and communication as they regard your case and you will play an active role in your own defense.

If you or a minor child in your family has been charged with a criminal offense, call 502-584-7217 or contact the criminal defense attorneys of The Gailor Law Offices, PLLC. We are available to meet at a place and time most convenient to you.

We represent clients who have been charged with any of these crimes:

In addition to defending you against a criminal charge, we will also represent you in the following types of criminal justice matters:

  • Probation revocation hearings
  • Suppression hearings
  • Shock probation hearings
  • Bond reduction hearings
  • Record expungement proceedings to clear a criminal record
  • Warrant Court
  • Drivers license reinstatement hearings
  • Bond forfeiture
  • Witness subpoena representation

We believe that every client deserves an aggressive criminal defense dedicated to fighting for their best interest, especially the youth of Louisville. The have rights too.

If you, or one of your kids, have been charged with a crime, contact the criminal defense attorneys of The Gailor Law Offices, PLLC, to talk with us about preparing a defense to your criminal charges. We can also be reached by calling 502-584-7217. We look forward to helping you and your family move on from a DUI charge.

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