Louisville Jaywalking Crackdown

During the past week the issue of jaywalking in Louisville has gotten widespread attention both in the traditional and social media.

It seems the Louisville Metro Police Department recently received federal money to fund a program designed to focus awareness on jaywalking, and, starting soon, to write tickets for offenses.

The impetus behind the effort is cited as Louisville being one of the more-dangerous cities in the nation for pedestrians. The effort is focused on several intersections in Louisville where the data shows frequent accidents involving cars and pedestrians. The list of the five-most dangerous intersections in Louisville can be seen in this recent article produced by WAVE television.

Public opinion on the effort varies widely with some social media users arguing police resources would be better spent targeting drug dealers and violent offenders, while other residents feel the program could be useful in promoting public safety.j-walk jaywalking louisville pedestrian crosswalk kentucky ticket crackdown jay walking j walk

But the question remains, is jaywalking really a violation? A quick review of Kentucky law provides the answer.

KRS 189.570 sets forth a number of provisions related to pedestrians. While not specifically using the term “jaywalking,” the statute requires pedestrians to “obey the instruction of any official traffic control device.” The statute, and its many subsections, goes on to further discuss method in which pedestrians can legally cross the street in Kentucky.

The penalties for violating the provisions of the jaywalking statute are set forth in KRS 189.990, and provide for a fine of not less than $20 and not more than $100. Presumably offenders convicted of jaywalking also would be subjected to paying court costs adding more than $100 to the total bill for a conviction.

Rest assured, though, jaywalking is a violation, similar to other traffic-related offenses, and violators are not at risk of going to jail on a jaywalking charge.

Personal opinions on this issue aside, it appears citizens in Louisville will soon be facing jaywalking charges. If you receive such a citation, please call Jason Dattilo at The Gailor Law Office. From jaywalking to homicide, Jason Dattilo can represent you in any criminal or traffic proceeding in Jefferson or Oldham County in Kentucky.

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